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Our mission

New laws and judgments

With their finger on the pulse, our legal experts develop solutions and strategies for you. Always based on the latest laws and judgments. This is the basis for the attorney reviewed PepperPapers legal documents for our clients.

In our PepperPapers News Blog, we report on the latest developments and legal documents that may be important to you.

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If you need a legal document

In addition to the major topics from the media landscape, we always have an open ear for you. Because we develop many PepperPapers legal documents through collaboration with our clients. This way you’ll get the right legal document to help you along.

Our mission

The PepperPapers legal documents are your first aid when it’s burning – In dealing with the tax office, authorities, banks, insurance companies and for many other life situations.

You get up-to-date legal documents from the lawyer – without going to the lawyer. Simple to use, easy to understand and affordable for everyone.

The PepperPapers are a service offered by TaxPro Rechtsanwalts GmbHThe tax experts from the financial metropolis Frankfurt am Main

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Help when the going gets tough

PepperPapers legal documents are here to help you when the going gets tough. Directly downloadable, without going to a lawyer. With PepperPapers legal documents, you’re on the safe side. Checked by lawyers and tax experts and continuously updated for you.