Contesting separate determination after an audit

Contesting separate determination after an audit

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What does this legal document offer you?

  • Appeal against the tax assessment notice for the company you have an interest in
  • For the determination of tax bases
  • Because the auditor has estimated the company’s turnover and/or profits
  • With suspension of payment in the event of imminent tax payment

With this legal document you achieve that the tax assessment remains open, i.e. does not become final. Das ist der Knackpunkt beim Umgang mit der Steuer und dem Finanzamt. An open tax assessment can be countered with everything that tax law has to offer. Wichtig ist dass du den Einspruch ans Finanzamt schickst und damit das Verfahren offen bleibt. Für deine Argumente und – falls zum späteren Zeitpunkt erforderlich – für die Argumente deines Anwalts.

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