Property tax model lawsuit 2024

Property tax model lawsuit 2024

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What does this legal document offer you?

  • Lawsuit against the property tax
  • Because the tax office rejected your appeal
  • With current legal situation

With this legal document you achieve that the tax assessment remains open, i.e. does not become final. That’s the crux of dealing with property taxes. An open tax assessment can be countered with everything that tax law has to offer. It is important that you send the complaint to the court with the current legal situation. That way you keep the process open. Until the courts have ruled on the current model lawsuits against the property tax.

This is what you need to fill in for the legal document: the tax assessment from the tax office and the rejection from the tax office, the so-called objection decision.

Important: You have exactly one month to file the complaint. By then, the court must receive your complaint against the property tax.

An welches Gericht schickst du die Klage? Ganz einfach! Wähle immer das Gericht, das in der Einspruchsentscheidung vom Finanzamt steht. Das findest du unter der Überschrift “Rechtsbehelfsbelehrung”. Das steht auf der 2. Seite in der Einspruchsentscheidung. Sollte es da nicht stehen, findest du es am Ende der Einspruchsentscheidung. All addresses and contact details for the courts can be found in the free legal document here below.

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