SCHUFA blocks - you insist on your rights

SCHUFA blocks – you insist on your rights

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What does this legal document offer you?

  • You have asked Schufa to delete your data
  • And you have asked Schufa to refrain from scoring you
  • You also want to know what Schufa has reported about you to whom
  • Schufa blocks with a standard letter
  • With legal basis from the General Data Protection Regulation

With this legal document, you can pursue your claims with Schufa. Schufa must delete your data and refrain from scoring. And: Schufa must provide you with information about where it got the data about you and what Schufa has reported about you and to whom. In doing so, you are asserting your claims that you are entitled to against Schufa according to the new ruling of the European Court of Justice of December 7, 2023. The standard letter from Schufa does not answer your justified claims.

It is important that you request the information in writing so that you can get the information and, if needed at a later date, for your attorney’s arguments.

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