Self-disclosure for all - up to € 50,000

Self-disclosure for all – up to € 50,000

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What does this legal document offer you?

  • You have not declared additional income and make the voluntary declaration to the tax office
  • You avoid the risk of criminal tax proceedings
  • Up to an undisclosed income of €50,000 per year
  • For all types of income for income tax

With this voluntary disclosure, you report income not declared in the tax return to the tax office. You checked your tax records and found that you had income in one or more years that you did not report on your income tax return. In the long term, there is always the risk of criminal tax proceedings. That’s why you’re doing the voluntary disclosure now. The tax office recalculates your tax and issues amended tax assessments.


  • Your undeclared income must not exceed 50,000 euros per year
  • You need sufficient funds to transfer the tax directly to the tax office as soon as you receive the new tax assessment.

What happens if you are above 50,000 euros? Then book a consultation and get legal support.

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