Tax office in the account: What does the tax office know about you? How to get the information by mail

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What does this legal document offer you?

  • You want to know what accounts the tax office knows about you
  • You request the information from the competent authority
  • It must provide you with the information within one month
  • With legal basis from the appropriate law

With this legal document you request information about which accounts the tax office knows about you. This information is stored nationwide by a central authority. This includes bank accounts, deposits and safe deposit boxes at credit institutions. Nationally and internationally.

You can use the document as a private person or as a company, for example, because you are active on ebay or other sales portals. In any case, you want to know what account information the tax office knows about you.

Do you want to receive the information from the authority by mail? Then generate the document here with the PepperPapers document generator. You only need to sign the document and send it. For the signature at the end of the document, simply type your first name and last name in the field in the document generator. Then print the document and sign it.

Then send the document by mail to the authority that is written in the document.

If you don’t want that, but because you want to get the information by EMail: Then get your legal document for sending by mail. You can find the appropriate legal document here below.

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