How to get your money back because you didn't get a cancellation notice

How to get your money back because you didn’t get a cancellation notice

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What does this legal document offer you?

  • You are a consumer and revoke your purchase contract, order or purchase order
  • The company has not informed you about your right to cancel the contract
  • This is the so-called revocation instruction. If you did not get it, you can cancel the contract for one year and get your money back.
  • What the other person has delivered to you, you do not need to give back
  • With legal basis and new ruling from the European Court of Justice

With this legal document you can get your money back because the company did not inform you about your right of withdrawal. You have this right for all contracts and orders that you did not make in person at the company’s store. For example, you ordered by phone or by mail, or you placed the order when you met, in your apartment, house or other place.

You can revoke all contracts and orders and get your money back. It does not matter whether you have already received the goods. Whether the other party has already performed the service. For example, he has installed the kitchen, repaired the roof, installed or maintained the heating system. Or has advised you, treated you or coached you. You may keep all of this in any case and do not need to pay for it.

This is what the European Court of Justice decided in its new ruling. The Court puts consumer protection above everything else in first place. Consumer protection also includes the fact that you get a cancellation policy. If the company has not supplied you with this cancellation policy, you can claim back all the money you paid. And what the other has delivered, you do not need to return. This is stated word for word in the new ruling.

It is important that you put your claims in writing. You can mail it to the company, then you do not need to sign the legal document. You can also print it on paper and send it by registered mail: In both cases, it is important that you sign the legal document. For your evidence and – if needed later – for your lawyer’s evidence.

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